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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find here the questions that our support received most often. If you do not find the answer you wish for on this page, please contact us. We will write back within 24 hours, guaranteed.

How do I use FollowMail ?

Sending tracked emails is very easy: simply add '' at the end of the recipient's email address, like this:

This addition to the email address will be automatically removed by the system prior to sending, so the recipient will not see it.

For example, if I want to send a tracked message to:

all I have to do is send it to:

Bob will receive the message at his normal address and we will track the message history for you (opening time and location, forwardings, etc).

I sent an email and I did not get a read receipt even though I know my message was read

FollowMail offers two types of tracking: 'personal' and 'professional'. The 'personal' setting is entirely invisible and works by adding a transparent pixel to your message. When the recipient opens your email this pixel loads from the FollowMail server and we detect the read event.

Unfortunately, some email programs can be configured to block the loading of images inside messages; in this case the FollowMail pixel is never requested from our server and we do not see the message as 'opened'. While not commonplace this can happen and you need to be aware of it.

The other setting ('professional') is 100% reliable and will detect every single opening of your emails, but it is not invisible.

You can change the type of tracking from the account configuration interface after you log in